1. What is Themegenie?

Themegenie is an advanced Dreamweaver extension for Drupal theme developers.

2. What are the supported operating systems?

Windows and Mac. Linux and other operating systems may be supported with the help of emulator softwares.

3. What are the supported Drupal Releases?

Drupal 6 is currently supported. We will start to support Drupal 7 from it's release onwards.

4. What are the supported Dreamweaver Editions?

Dreamweaver CS4, CS3, CS5. Support for older versions of DW is available on requests.

5. Does the user need Drupal expertise?

No. It  would be good if user knows how to install and enable themes in Drupal.

6 Does the user need PHP expertise?        


7 Do I need multiple license for Multiple systems?

Yes. Look here http://themegenie.net/buy-now