• Dreamweaver cs5 extension themegenie for Drupal
  • Themegenie extension for creating drupal themes in Dreamweaver
  • Dreamweaver cs5 extension themegenie
  • customising drupal with dreamweaver cs5 extension
  • Themegenie extension connects Dupal and Dreamweaver
  • The fastest way to create, edit, even learn Drupal theme.

    Themegenie helps even beginners make themes. Experience the state of art in editing Drupal themes with Dreamweaver.

  • How connects Dupal and Dreamweaver?

    Our advanced Dreamweaver extension delivers theme creation possibilities ranges from "a few-click" theme to an advanced "PSD to theme".

    User requires no Drupal knowledge.

  • Professional theme designers and companies use Themegenie

    Now you can transform your imaginations into themes 20 times faster.

  • If getting things done easily and low learning curve is important to you get Themegenie

  • Theme building is no more a complex task or a tiresome job

    Themegenie extension makes theming a fun. Dreamweaver CS5 support availble now and Drupal 7 support is under develoment.

Themegenie to edit drupal with dreamweaver
Plug-in for creating editing themes

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5


Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software is by far one of the industry's top leading web authoring tools on the market. It’s fusion techology of WYSIWYG and coding is famous for making it possible for non-coders to create web pages and sites. Dreamweaver CS5 provides incomparable ability to define and format the CSS which controls the feel and look of websites. CSS controls everything from page background and layouts to fonts and color.
Dreamweavers' new features like Live view, Live code view, Related files, CSS inspection, CSS Disable/Enable and Integrated CMS support provides more control over editing themes.
Drupal Dreamweaver cs5 alliance make both the technologies stronger than before. Themegenie takes Drupal Dreamweaver partnership to its next level. Themegenie extension works just like built-in features with in... read more. Download 340MB

themegenie extension

Drupal CMS


Drupal is the award winning, world's best CMS. It's strong, flexible, free and opensouce. Drupal offers web sites a broad range of features such as multi-user administration, community interactivity and news aggregation. There are many other features made possible through contributions from the community.
It has been developed to be modular and easy to adapt to almost any situation like profile site, blog, discussion forum, social networking, ecommerce, article publishing, media sharing and much more, but can just as easily be used to create web2.0 standard applications.
Many high profile sites use Drupal include Nasa, White House, MTV-UK, , Team Sugar, Warner Bros Records, The Onion, Sony, Lime.com, Yahoo Research, The New York Observer, Ubuntu.com, Fast Company, Popular Science... read more.

Download 1.1MB